FM13232 13" Seacoast Mortar (Base 5"x 5")



The massive 13" Seacoast Mortar (Base 5"x 5") was used by both side of the ACW conflict.  The mortar while very difficult to move, was worth the effort because as few as eight of these massive mortars could lay seige to an entire city.  The mortars could fire a shell every 13 minutes, so eight could devistate an entire city and pound it's population into submission. 

The Seacost Mortar is an easy to build 1/32 scale kit perfect for beginner modelers who wish to learn how to build multi-media kits.  This faithful replica of the most powerful weapon used during the American Civil War can take its place on your shelf.  An independent review of this kit can be found here:

  • Manufactured by: Flagship Models

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